Beware of the Guilt-Tripping Gru

You know what I’m not here for? Guilt tripping.
I thought about scheduling this post for tomorrow, since perhaps this is not the right message to send on Thanksgiving. It’s a little snarky.


I bet there are some people who are dealing with this very subject today, whether it’s because they chose not to travel due to COVID, or if just the same old family bullshit is rearing its ugly head. So, if you’re dealing with this today, I feel for you. Stay strong.

I’m a bit more sensitive to it since I was put through the ringer with my ex-husband. As with most abusive relationships, the wrecker tries to heap the guilt onto their partner; strange little ways that slowly erode your mental health. They’re so convincing, they make you feel guilty over even questioning their logic! I recently wrote about my previous abusive relationship here.

You should definitely question the logic. Because It’s not actually logical. You’re just being attacked by a guilt trippin’ gru.

Being more sensitive to it, I immediately squash that shit when it comes knocking. Once in a great while, my current husband will try to pull a shenanigan, but it doesn’t last long. I think everyone is guilty of this from time to time.
I am completely intolerant to it. If I’m in the wrong, and perhaps I didn’t know that the person was upset about whatever, I will immediately apologize and make amends if there are amends to be made. However, if after I apologize and correct my behavior, I expect things to move along. Let’s not dwell, if there’s nothing left to be done about a situation. The best and healthiest thing to do is to keep it moving, right? KEEP IT MOVING.

Recently, my father ignored me for two days because he was mad that I forgot to call him after work one day like I said I would. He texted me some passive aggressive shit right before he shut his phone off for the night.


I’m not here for it.

I tried calling him several times over the next two days, all of which he ignored. I knew from my grandmother that he was fine, he had just talked to her and complained about me, so I knew he hadn’t had an accident or something.

This is typical behavior on his side of the family. There are so many damn family feuds going on (3 of my grandmother’s kids don’t talk to her) and they are all over the stupidest reasons.

Life is too short for this nonsense. I have no tolerance, and I am not losing any sleep over my dad being butt hurt over me forgetting to call him. He should have sent me a text reminding me, or better yet- just called me and we could have discussed whatever stupid shit he wanted to talk about.

Perhaps my new slogan: Passive-Aggressive Behavior is for Pussies.


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